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I am so proud of you for carving time out of your busy schedule to learn about protecting your business with contracts.

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The Legal Umbrella®: Legal Foundations

The Essential Contracts You Need to Protect Your Small Business

  • 10 core contracts that are customizable to your exact business

  • 3 of my most popular bonus contracts

  • 2 Legal Lab Sessions with Layne (expires September 25th!)

  • 2 Co-Working Sessions where you'll take action and get your contracts customized and ready to be used! (expires September 25th!) 

  • Fairy Godmother of Tech Support Training

  • "10 Contracts in 10 Minutes" audio recording

all for $995!

 About Layne Lyons, JD

Layne is a Trademark and Business Lawyer for women-owned solo and small businesses. She uses her Duke Law School education and 28 years of experience and expertise as a lawyer to button up women’s businesses. She uses trademarks to protect her clients’ brands, and written contracts to protect their money, relationships, content, and sanity so they can build and scale with confidence.

Beyond her many qualifications and years of experience, Layne has a very special superpower: she makes legal matters simple, clear, and easy to understand. She’s not “that kind of lawyer.” Layne’s clients rave about how safe, secure, and confident they feel after working with her to handle their legal matters. Layne Lyons is your go-to lawyer for all things legal, helping you protect and grow your business with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is set up properly and legally secure.