This Mini-Disclaimer Contract Template Pack tells people what you DO and more importantly, what you DON’T do.

It lets everyone know what capacity you're working in (and what capacity you're not working in) so they're aware that the information and education you're giving them isn’t supposed to be a substitute for individualized advice from a licensed professional (like a doctor, nurse, therapist, CPA, etc).

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    • Protect yourself on social media when sharing your expertise

    • Get visible online, confidently, knowing you're protected

     About Layne Lyons, JD

    Layne is a Trademark and Business Lawyer for women-owned solo and small businesses. She uses her Duke Law School education and 28 years of experience and expertise as a lawyer to button up women’s businesses. She uses trademarks to protect her clients’ brands, and written contracts to protect their money, relationships, content, and sanity so they can build and scale with confidence.

    Beyond her many qualifications and years of experience, Layne has a very special superpower: she makes legal matters simple, clear, and easy to understand. She’s not “that kind of lawyer.” Layne’s clients rave about how safe, secure, and confident they feel after working with her to handle their legal matters. Layne Lyons is your go-to lawyer for all things legal, helping you protect and grow your business with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is set up properly and legally secure.

    Layne Lyons, inc. provides legal information for online entrepreneurs. This contract template, including the accompanying instructions, is for educational and informational purposes only and is not legal advice. It is intended for you to use as a self-help resource as you build your business. No attorney-client relationship has been formed through downloading or using this contract template. Nothing in this contract template or the accompanying instructions should be construed as a substitute for a consultation with a local lawyer who can review and advise you on your specific situation. You are advised to consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction to ensure compliance with your local laws. Because laws vary from state to state and are always evolving and changing, Layne Lyons, inc. is in no way responsible for any errors or omissions in this contract template, the accompanying instructions, or the use or non-use of either, and expressly disclaims liability for any loss or damages that result.