You should trademark that!

Watch the Trademark Talk with IP Lawyer Layne Lyons Replay below!

I am so proud of you for carving time out of your busy schedule to learn about protecting your business with trademarks.

Seriously, it shows me that you are one smart cookie…and that you are serious about making an impact with your business, now and in the future. I know I jammed a ton of information into that talk. It can be a lot to take in at once!

The bottom line is that securing your Federal Trademark will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Once you know your brand is fully protected, you can be visible and scale with total confidence.

The first step is getting clarity.  

on your 40-minute trademark consult:

  • We’ll uncover any immediate red flags with your trademarks to save you from wasting time and money. Look, If your trademark is not worth pursuing or it needs tweaking, you need to know asap! 

  • I’ll help you identify your trademark-worthy business assets (the ones you’ve worked so hard to create!) - we’ll incorporate your future business plans as well so you can scale safely, with confidence. 

  • You’ll leave our call feeling clear and certain about what's ahead. I’ll answer all of your questions with straightforward, easy-to-understand answers and oodles of patience so you have peace of mind, knowing exactly how to safeguard your assets.

  • Then I’ll give you a personalized strategy for your business. This is not a cookie-cutter process, we’ll create this process as it relates to your specific business. This will be your specific step-by-step to create security and protect your hard work and creativity.

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 About Layne Lyons, JD

Layne is a Trademark and Business Lawyer for women-owned solo and small businesses. She uses her Duke Law School education and 28 years of experience and expertise as a lawyer to button up women’s businesses. She uses trademarks to protect her clients’ brands, and written contracts to protect their money, relationships, content, and sanity so they can build and scale with confidence.

Beyond her many qualifications and years of experience, Layne has a very special superpower: she makes legal matters simple, clear, and easy to understand. She’s not “that kind of lawyer.” Layne’s clients rave about how safe, secure, and confident they feel after working with her to handle their legal matters. Layne Lyons is your go-to lawyer for all things legal, helping you protect and grow your business with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is set up properly and legally secure.