The Intellectual Property Protection Bundle Includes: 

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: This Non-Disclosure Agreement document protects you when you share your original work with another party.

    Make sure you get it signed before using sharing your media, ideas and other creations and keep a folder with all your NDAs in one place. ($250 Individually)

  • Non-Compete & Non-Solicit: This Non-Compete/Non-Solicit Agreement protects you from a Contractor engaged in your business gaining access to your business secrets, practices, customers and agents and then using that access and information to compete with you. Make sure you get it signed before sharing internal information with your Contractor and keep a folder with all your signed Contractor agreements in one place. ($250 Individually)

  • Intellectual Property Transfer AgreementThis Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement transfers all rights and interests in specific Intellectual Property from the "Creator" of the Intellectual Property to the "New Rights Holder." Use it when one party creates Intellectual Property and desires to transfer the ownership and rights to that Intellectual Property to another party. ($250 Individually)

  • Cease and Desist Letter: When you own a registered trademark, you have specific legal rights protecting that work. If another party uses your protected work without your consent, they are in violation of your rights. In legal terms this violation is called an infringement. A trademark infringement can cause serious, sometimes irreparable harm to your business and it is up to you to stop it.

    A Cease and Desist Letter is the first step in resolving this infringement. The letter is sent to the infringer to put them on notice that they are infringing on your rights and engaging in illegal activity that is causing harm to you. It is a strong warning which demands that they stop violating your rights and lets them know that if they don’t stop, you will pursue legal action against them.

    A Cease and Desist Letter can be a quick and inexpensive, yet often very effective way to resolve the matter and get the other party to stop using your Intellectual Property without you having to go to court, which can be time consuming and expensive.

    Even if the infringer does not stop the infringing use of your trademark, the Cease and Desist Letter, and accompanying proof that they received it, will serve as important evidence that you put them on notice of the alleged illegal behavior. From that point forward, if the infringer continues to use your trademark after you made them aware of the infringement, your legal claim will be strengthened and you may be entitled to receive additional money damages, should the case go to court. ($275 Individually)

  • Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement: This Agreement is used to give permission to another individual to use your intellectual property.  It includes provisions for how you, the owner of the intellectual property will grant the license or give permission for the other party to use that property.  This Agreement is used when the creator of intellectual property wants to allow someone else to use their property but wants to retain their rights to the property.  It includes section on how compensation will be handled in exchange for giving the license. ($450 Individually)

How These Templates Work:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this for?

Service-based entrepreneurs who have an online presence. If you are a coach, consultant, designer, podcaster, speaker, VA, course creator, or other type of entrepreneur, we’ve got you covered.  

Do I need to have any legal knowledge to use these contracts?

You don’t have to know anything about contracts, the law or other legal shtuff to use The Legal Umbrella™. Layne always says, “I went to law school so you don’t have to!”

Where should I begin?

If you don’t have any legal protections yet, start with the foundation contracts. The Legal Foundation package includes all the contracts you need to protect your website, your money, your content, your client relationships, and your social media presence (plus your sweet little buns!)

Will I be able to fill out these templates?

Our super easy-to-follow templates (that include detailed instructions) will guide you the whole way. They have been tested by hundreds of entrepreneurs and refined over the years to ensure you will find everything user-friendly and easy to complete.

What happens after I purchase/When do I get access to my contract templates?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you will be given immediate access to your contracts. Everything is downloadable and ready to be filled out and used right away.

What is the refund policy?

Because our contract templates are digital downloads and full access to everything is granted upon enrollment, we do not offer any refunds. If you have any questions before purchasing, just ask!

Is Layne Lyons my attorney now?

Nope, not at all. Your purchase includes contract templates, legal education, support and lots of helpful information, but it does not constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed.

Can I contact someone to get more info?

Absolutely! Just email team@laynelyons.com and we will get you connected with Layne to answer all of your questions.

This is just the beginning...

Great things are on the horizon.  When you get your business all buttoned-up, you'll have the confidence to share yourself more fully and to say yes to the bigger opportunities that will launch your business to the next level. 

You'll also enjoy the wonderful peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is set up for success and running drama-free.  I'm really excited to work with you and can't wait to help you step into your vision for your business.


Legally Yours,

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