It’s time to protect your business achievements with Federal Trademark Registration:
the platinum standard to secure your brand.

Once you have your trademark secured, you will:
  • Have the ultimate peace of mind that your brand identity is YOURS, and yours alone

  • Never fear the dreaded cease-and-desist order that forces you to rebrand your own business

  • Be able to stop would-be brand thieves in their tracks by issuing takedown orders anytime someone infringes on your brand

  • Greatly increase your brand’s value in the eyes of future investors, collab partners, or potential buyers

  • Achieve the next level of success: your trademark reflects your high-end, professional status

Protect the business you’ve fought for.

You’ve worked hard building your brand from the ground up. 

You fought through all those sleepless nights, crazy brainstorming sessions, client success stories, and each new milestone—it hasn’t been easy, but it has been SO worth it. 

Now it’s time to truly protect your business from copycats, content thieves, and other business troublemakers who seem determined to profit from your success. 

The reality is, the more your business grows, the more you have at stake.

Take your brand identity for instance—your amazing brand name, logo and overall client experience. Did you know that you could lose all the energy, money and time you’ve invested in crafting your unique brand? 

Yup, if you don’t protect it, then someone else can swoop in and stop you from using your own name. Not good!!

Can you imagine getting a Cease and Desist letter from someone whose brand name is super similar to yours and who actually took the steps to protect it with a Trademark?

Now here you are with a scary demand letter in your hand and the realization that you’re gonna have to take everything down and start over. Ouch.

Without a Trademark, you’ve left
your entire brand vulnerable. 

You worked so hard crafting your image so your clients would instantly associate your name, logo and colors with the amazing service you provide. But now you’re being forced to change it all. New name. New logo. New branding. Will your clients even recognize you anymore? How long will it take to rebuild your audience?

This can be absolutely devastating for a small business, but it IS avoidable. 

Your Federal Trademark is the ultimate brand protection, keeping your brand safe and secure from any potential threat. 

Your first step to full protection is an easy one: Book a consult with me to get started.

How Does the Trademark Process Work?

I’m not gonna lie, the trademarking process is INTENSE. It’s not the time for a DIY attempt with a generic legal form you downloaded from the internet. 

Even if you do manage to decipher which trademark class your business belongs in (for example, is your health coaching business an Advertising & Business Service or a Medical Service?? Or maybe it’s Science & Technology…), and do you have any idea how to gather the right kind of specimens? 

Will you break into a cold sweat if you receive a Procedural Office Action, or heaven-forbid, a Substantive Action Request, from the USPTO?? What even are those things??

What if your application is denied because of a technicality, and now you’re kicking yourself for wasting so much time (and money!) trying to DIY the dang thing? 

You need a lawyer who knows her way around the system and who actually LOVES diving into the research and application process. I know, weird, right?

  • Comprehensive trademark and common law search

  • Analysis of your potential risk

  • Filing of your application

  • Follow-up and monitoring of its status

  • Written responses to any nit-picky requests the USPTO (Trademark Office) sends us

  • Delivery of your official Trademark Registration

You don’t have to tackle this important milestone alone: 

I went to law school so you don’t have to!

It’s truly my passion to use my expertise to help women protect their businesses.

About Layne

Layne Lyons, JD is a Trademark and Business Lawyer for women-owned solo and small businesses. She uses her Duke Law School education and 28 years of experience and expertise as a lawyer to button up women’s businesses. She uses trademarks to protect her clients’ brands, and written contracts to protect their money, relationships, content, and sanity so they can build and scale with confidence.

Beyond her many qualifications and years of experience, Layne has a very special superpower: she makes legal matters simple, clear, and easy to understand. She’s not “that kind of lawyer.” Layne’s clients rave about how safe, secure, and confident they feel after working with her to handle their legal matters. Layne Lyons is your go-to lawyer for all things legal, helping you protect and grow your business with the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is set up properly and legally secure.

“Before I worked with Layne, I couldn’t have told you the difference between a ®️️ and a ™️️ symbol, and I certainly could not have told you how it could benefit my business to trademark it. 

But Layne explained everything to me in terms that I could get, she is so practical in her explanations of the legal “stuff.” 

After talking to Layne I felt confident in what I needed to do. And when I decided to pursue a trademark, she kept me informed every step of the way.

Now I am excited to know that the business I have been working so hard for (and the name I adore for it) will not be at risk of my having to take it all down and start over. You can’t put a price on that kind of peace of mind!"


“Taking the steps to protect myself is true business growth.”


“Layne has opened my eyes to possible scenarios and situations I would have never thought of and she is always a message away! Seriously Layne is the BEST!!”


“It is so rare to come across an attorney who is just down to earth and truly cares.”


All The Details Here

Step 1: Search and Analysis

Intake process to gather all information needed to perform the comprehensive search. Includes a free initial “knock-out” search so you don’t waste time attempting to register a mark that isn’t eligible. Thorough federal, state, and common law clearance search, which includes:

  • Federal trademark database
  • All 50 states databases
  • Social media
  • Common law trademarks
  • Domain names, business names, and web search
  • Detailed 200+ page search report on your specific Trademark with a custom Clearance Opinion Letter highlighting any areas of concern and issues you need to be aware of
  • Full assessment and analysis of your potential risk
  • Identification of exactly which class(es) to file your products and services in (did you know there are 45 different classes?!)
  • Additional searches available a la carte

Step 2: Filing

Specimen gathering (real-world evidence of your mark being used in the wild), plus my expert advice about modifications you can make to increase your likelihood of success

  • Drafting of all descriptions and specifications including gathering all specimens needed for your Trademark
  • Preparation and filing of your trademark application with the USPTO
  • Government filing fees invoiced directly
  • Continued monitoring of your application’s status with the USPTO
  • Response to all Procedural Office Actions included at no extra charge
  • Substantive Office Actions aren’t always required, but if the Trademark Office demands one, a legal response is needed to argue your case. We only bill for Responses to Substantive Office Actions from the Trademark Office IF you need them, which means you are never charged for legal work that you don’t actually need.

Step 3: Celebration

Delivery of your official Trademark Registration upon approval

  • Options for ongoing Trademark monitoring and protection to prevent infringement
  • Celebration of this incredible business milestone! Congratulations!

(and by the way if these details are making your head spin, well that’s exactly why I’m here)

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your brand is fully protected is priceless. 

“You feel that Layne really cares. There’s an energy that lets you know she has your back and she backs that up. Every time I reached out to her she was right there to guide me and offer deeper support. You are in incredible hands with Layne Lyons. It’s an experience not just a service.”


“I truly can’t say enough great things about Layne’s offerings and would recommend her to any coaches or business leaders looking to get fully protected!”


“And now not only do I have confidence, but I also have Layne in my corner, someone i can reach out to and ask questions as I grow my business which gives me a sense of peace and calm. Layne truly cares. She is always kind, supportive, and knowledgeable.....she is the best.”


“Working with Layne Lyons was absolutely one of the best decisions I made when I started my coaching business! Having proper legal items in place gives me and my business such a solid foundation, which also helps me sleep better at night. I feel really confident about growing my business because I know I am covered!”