Sure, the sun is shining now

But if I know one thing from being a lawyer for over 25 years and helping A LOT of women build their businesses, it’s this: in every life a little rain will fall.

And into every business a little drama will flow. When money is changing hands, it’s the way of the world. 

But when you have the right legal structures and contracts in place, you can protect your business & play big.

I like to go over the top with your protections: the hat, the gloves, the galoshes, the overcoat AND the umbrella. Maybe even some super dorky rain pants.


You shouldn’t need a law degree to figure out what you need to protect your business. Our templates are so easy, with lots of instructions and support so you feel confident you've done it right.


The peace of mind that comes from knowing your brand is fully protected is priceless. This is a must-have if you have plans to scale and be visible. Registering your trademark is a crowning achievement and says you are here to stay.

Legal Leaks Masterclass

Watch my free masterclass to protect yourself from content thieves, brand copycats, refunds and more. This class is packed full of strategies you can use immediately to secure both your content and your revenue.

So you and I go together like puddles + rain boots… because bosses like you protect their business.

With the exceptionally protective legal resources I’ve created specifically for women entrepreneurs, you can safeguard yourself and your business.

You're here because it’s time, girlfriend. Let’s put out a welcome mat to a bigger business! I will make it as straightforward as opening an umbrella.

Customer reviews

“Before I worked with Layne, legal protection felt confusing and challenging.

I often brushed it off because I thought it would be expensive and time-consuming to personalize, yet I really didn’t want to rely on general protections. But Layne makes it so easy! All of the protections in The Legal Umbrella Essential Contracts Kit are easy to understand and easy to personalize. Layne provides impeccable explanations for what you need and why, and how to easily make them your own.

Now I feel much more protected and even more professional, like I have up-leveled my business! Taking the steps to protect myself and my clients feels like true business growth. And it was so easy. I was able to customize and implement all of the protections in just a few hours because of her well-organized system. I am forever grateful to Layne for making me feel so secure in my biz!”

- Brandi Mackenzie, Self-Trust Coach, Mentor and Author