Do you have these thoughts?

  • “I’m not going to put my process on my website because I don’t want anyone to steal it.”

  • “I know this client agreement isn’t great, but I don’t have time to make a new one now. I’ll just send it and hope for the best.”

  • I’m just so confused about what I’m supposed to have on my website about terms and conditions. I know other coaches have them, but I just went with the free one I found online.” 

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You are NOT alone!

Legal protections can be confusing, time consuming and costly.
But, not having them leads to a whole lot of drama in your business. 

Drama like clients asking for their money back, other coaches copying your content and programs,
or being turned down for opportunity after opportunity.

I know from being a lawyer for over 28 years and helping hundreds of women build their businesses, that into every life a little rain's gonna fall, and into every business a little drama will flow.

I call ALL this drama: Legal Leaks 

Legal leaks are all the small little holes in your business, like in your website, policies, and agreements that don’t seem like a big deal, but like any leak, over time they add up to a BIG problem. 

That BIG problem often manifests itself as fear in your business. 

Fear that keeps you constantly looking over your shoulder. Fear that holds you back from saying yes to bigger opportunities. Fear that ultimately adds stress and negativity by the gallon into your business.

And when the legal leaks get too much, your happiness will disappear faster than a raindrop in a desert.

“Although I had many goals and ambitions, I was spinning in circles because I knew I needed contracts, agreements, disclaimers, etc. but had no idea where to start with it. Now not only do I have confidence, but I also have Layne in my corner, someone I can reach out to and ask questions as I grow my business which gives me a sense of peace and calm.”

You can plug up the legal leaks in your business and stop the drama-filled rain from pouring in! 

I’ve created the Stop the Legal Leaks in Your Business Masterclass so you can protect your peace of mind, stop the drama, and finally grow your business!  

Basically if/when the rain comes, you’re gonna be a regular ol’ Gene Kelly singin’ away, because you have The Legal Umbrella® in place! 

"Stop the Legal Leaks in Your Business” Masterclass

  • A detailed 40 minute video training + 20 page workbook

  •  Step-by-step guidance to go from drama-filled "What-ifs" to "Singin’ in the rain"

  •  Receive free legal tips, need-to-knows and promos via weekly emails

  •  Download your masterclass + workbook for free!

All the details

The Stop The Legal Leaks in Your Business Masterclass introduces The Legal Umbrella® through engaging self-reflection and case studies. It includes a 40 minute video and 20 page interactive workbook. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Protect your income, creative content and client relationships

  • Plug legal leaks to ensure you stay on the right side of the law…and out of legal hot water

  • Add simple systems that keep your business running smoothly 

I love helping women get their businesses protected because getting those key foundational pieces in order puts out the welcome mat to a more successful business!

Consider this: you can’t grow your business from a place of fear and what-ifs. 

Growth comes from knowing all your hard work and investments are protected. 

Growth comes from knowing that it’s safe for you to shout from the rooftops and shine the spotlight brightly on your business. 

Growth comes from being at peace.

Join me under my umbrella and get out of the drama-filled rain, so you can grow your business without fear. Sign up here to protect your business.

We collect, use and process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy located HERE. You may opt out at anytime. 

I am excited to meet you and help your business grow.