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Your brand is quite literally money in the bank. You’ve worked hard to get well known, establish yourself as an authority and grow your audience. And if people are starting to get to know you and associate who you are, what you do and most importantly, how you do it, they are going to want to come back to you for that same-feel experience. You know, give you more business and keep in touch with you. And the number one rule of staying in touch...keep your same phone number. If you change your number ain't nobody gonna be able to find you.

Choose a name you love.

For your business, your offerings, your podcast, your clothing line. Then hire a great trademark strategy lawyer and do the "thing" where you reserve that name with the official government and declare it yours. Forever. No losing your people.

And most of all, no more the feeling like you are on unsteady/shaky ground each time you build another component of your business with that name. Imagine having to the US ake sure it yours by registering it as a trademark.

Never ever worrying that someone is gonna tell you have to take every thing down and start all over again. Because you own it.

What would happen if it all came crashing down?

A cease and desist order arrives out of nowhere, and because someone filed the paperwork before you, you’re forced to change the brand name you worked so hard to establish. 

You've got to take everything down and start all over again.

Will your audience follow? 

Will your social channels keep their momentum?

Will your podcast downloads drop?

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You see an ad for a digital download that looks suspiciously familiar. After doing some digging, you realize someone has swiped your entire product, marketing it word-for-word as their own. Based on their ads and positioning, it seems like they’re raking in some big bucks, literally stealing money from your creative process. 

  • How will you prove it was your creation?
  • Will this turn into a costly legal battle?
  • Will the online audience believe you, or will they side with her?

You wouldn’t dream of opening a brick-and-mortar store full of inventory without properly protecting it. Insurance, security system, sprinklers, locks on all the doors…

Why is your online business any different? Your brand identity, content, methods,’s all extremely valuable and worthy of protection. 

But how do you get started?? Don’t worry, I got you!

The first step to getting proper protections in place is to get a handle on WHAT you actually have in terms of Intellectual Property. Round here we call Intellectual Property - “IP” Yup, we’re on a first name basis. ♥️

Enter, the IP Inventory!

Complete this easy-to-follow worksheet to get a full picture of everything you “own” in your business. From blog posts to slogans, formulas to program names, you name it, there’s a way to protect it. 

As an online business owner, you may not have a warehouse full of inventory with crisp new price tags on it, but the value exists nonetheless.