Can your business weather any legal storm that comes your way? 

During this mini-workshop, I’ll walk you through my signature Legal UMBRELLA™ Method and lead you through a legal audit on your own business. After completing your audit, you’ll feel peace of mind knowing exactly which areas of your business need to be protected.

I’ll show you how to avoid drama and negativity in your business like: 

  • Content swipers & brand thieves

  • Ghosted payment plans

  • Refunds and chargebacks

  • Unclear expectations with clients or team members

At the end of this value-packed 15 minute training, you’ll know exactly what to do to get your business fully protected. Then, you can truly step into success with the confidence to: 
  • Share yourself fully

  • Say yes to bigger opportunities

  • Serve more clients

  • Grow the business of your dreams

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Is Your Dream Protected?

You’ve worked hard to build your business. You’ve spent countless hours, a lot of money, and endless emotional energy pouring yourself into it. 

Trust me, I know what that’s like. 

I also know what it’s like to have it all fall apart. You see, despite my 26 years of experience as a lawyer, I built my health coaching business without solid legal foundations. I entered a partnership with another entrepreneur who I thought I could trust—and I did so without any written agreements between us.

BIG mistake. Turns out, she couldn’t be trusted. 

Because I didn’t have my legal protections in place, I was exposed, vulnerable, and powerless when she showed her true colors.

I lost everything I had worked so hard for:

  • She stole all the content I had created. All of my intellectual property, GONE. 
  • I lost all of the money I had invested. 
  • My dream business vanished into thin air, taking with it all of my hard work and future earnings.


But, after I shed some tears and uttered a few choice words, I did what women like us do: I dusted myself off and vowed to not only never let that happen to me again — I vowed to do all I could to keep this from happening to other women.

I share my story not to scare you into action—I’m not about the doom and gloom. My goal in sharing this with you is to show you that:

1. It’s common for entrepreneurs (especially women) to put off legal stuff until “later” - we trust the people we work with, we think positively, we don’t think that will happen to us.


2. Once you do take care of it, you feel lighter, more confident, and empowered to withstand any storm that comes your way. You’ll experience peace of mind.

Once I buttoned up my new business with a solid legal foundation, I felt ready to take on the world.

  •  I said YES to more growth opportunities. I could share my expertise and enter into partnerships without fearing that my content would be stolen. 

  • I felt confident when hiring my dream team, knowing any conflict could be quickly resolved with a glance at our written agreements.

  • I was empowered to keep my business drama-free and full of joy, protecting what I call my Love-Life-Attitude.

Are you ready for your own slice of confidence like that??

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Watch the Peace of Mind Legal Protections Mini-Workshop Now

During this mini-workshop, I’ll walk you through my signature Legal UMBRELLA™ Method. This simple framework includes the key parts of your business that you MUST protect:

When you have your Legal Umbrella up, you can move forward confidently, knowing that your business is ready to withstand any storm that comes your way. 

During the Peace of Mind Legal Protections Workshop, I’ll guide you through an audit of all six areas of your business, so by the end of it, you will have CLARITY and CONFIDENCE about all things legal protection. 

We’ll identify your assets, determine how you’re currently protecting them, and uncover where (if at all) you aren’t fully protected. When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to my 15-minute video training plus a handy 15-page workbook to keep track of your audit results.

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