Every day I run more and more trademark searches that end with bad news. It’s honestly the worst part of my job, when I have to tell someone their name is already taken. Once I deliver that news, it sets off a domino effect of difficult actions for my client. 

In many cases, she has to start from square one:

  • New name
  • New logo design
  • New messaging

… She has to redo all of her graphics. All of her social profiles. Her email signature. All of her PDFs and handouts.


It’s quite literally a nightmare. And it’s happening more and more often as the online business space continues to expand.

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Schedule your free trademark consultation call today, before you create any more content, graphics, or valuable assets around a name that may already be owned by someone else. 

Of course, I am hopeful that we’ll uncover happy news, and we can get your trademark secured with ease! 

Either way, you can’t afford to wait any longer — book your call now to snag one of my few remaining spots this year.

Are you ready? 

✅ If you wait to apply, I can promise you WILL NOT receive your trademark until 2025. Processing takes 8-12 months, meaning we have to file this quarter if you want your trademark within the next year. 

June 03, 2024 — Layne Lyons Pecoff