How are you ‘getting known’ to your clients?

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that just building your website and posting on your social media doesn’t bring droves of dream clients knocking down your door. 

One of the main ways I’ve built my business by doing speaking events! 

Perhaps you even found out about me from one of my many podcast appearances or a talk I did at a summit with your favorite coach? 

I’m popping in today to share my top three tips I’ve learned from being on podcasts promoting my business, so you can get started promoting your business and attracting your dream clients. 


1: Make a list of where you want to speak and follow-up! 

Figure out whose podcasts your clients are listening to and where they are getting their information. I love asking my clients where they found me and what other podcasts they listen to because it gives me ideas for who to reach out to in the future. 

Next, pitch yourself and the topics you want to talk about. Remember to lead with value! Make it about the host, not you. 

Finally, follow-up. I don’t send one email and expect to hear back. I follow-up with hosts consistently to make sure they know I really want to be on their show. 

2: Prepare ahead of time! 

Make sure you know your talking points backwards and forwards. Be super clear on what you want to promote. I have a one page note sheet that I use when I’m doing my interviews that has the stories I want to share, a bit about the podcast and my other key messages. 

I also make sure that I set myself up for success by freeing my schedule up before the interview. This way I’m not rushing around, trying to tie up loose ends right before I speak. 

3: Make sure you're protected!

You have awesome information to share that you’ve worked hard to create! Make sure that you protect yourself. You need an agreement that addresses the ownership rights to your recording, the conditions of you making a sales offer to their audience, any promotions or additional benefits you will get from your appearance and much more.

Start getting visible ASAP, but first, make sure to do it right with your Legal Umbrella up! As an add-on to my signature package, The Legal Umbrella®, I also have all the contracts you need for speaking. I've got you covered whether you are the Speaker or the Host.

Click here for your Professional Speaker Agreement. This document protects you when you speak on podcasts, stages, at live events, on summits, etc. It includes detailed provisions on making an offer from the stage, your requirements for audio-visual support, ownership of the intellectual property created at the event, cancellation by either party, coverage of expenses and much more. Make sure you get it signed before you speak at any event.

Click here for your Guest Expert Speaker Agreement. This document protects you when you host experts on your podcast, summit, at your live event, etc. It includes detailed provisions on speaker and host obligations, promotional benefits and requirements, ownership of the intellectual property created at the event and much more. Make sure you get it signed before creating any recordings of your guest expert speakers.

With your contracts in place, you can be free to share your expertise without the fear that someone might swipe your content, use something you say in the wrong way or have misaligned expectations about the who ultimately owns the recording.

While I can’t promise that the speaking on stage “butterflies” will ever go away, I can say that being on podcasts and summits is a really great way to get in front of your dream clients. 🤩 I’ve noticed in my own business and heard from my clients that having these agreements in place has opened the door for more joint venture opportunities and paid speaking engagements.

Now I have to know—What’s your favorite podcast? Leave a comment and tell me!


October 14, 2021 — Layne Lyons Pecoff