It’s February, and that means the season of love is upon us! Whether you’re making googly eyes at your significant other, planning a Galentine’s bash with your besties, or ignoring the holiday altogether, the hype around Valentine’s Day got me thinking: 


How much do you LOVE your brand? 

💖 Do you get a big smile on your face when the name of your business rolls off your tongue? 

💖 Can you remember how you felt the exact moment when you knew you’d landed on THE ONE??

💖 Would you be left in tears, absolutely broken-hearted if someone told you that name was now off limits, that you could never be associated with it again?


If you answered yes to any of the above regarding your brand name, program name, podcast name, logo, etc… you need to run, not walk, to your initial trademark consultation.


I’ll be perfectly honest – not every entrepreneur is there yet. You might not be there yet. If you still feel kinda “meh” about your name, you probably don’t need a trademark. 

If you’ve been stuck in an endless cycle of brainstorming, but you haven’t quite landed on something you’re in love with yet, you probably don’t need a trademark. 

But trust me, you’ll get there one day, and when you do, I’ll be here ready and able to help! 

There is nothing that breaks my heart more than telling a client she has to go back to the drawing board with her brand name or logo. 

It’s a devastating blow, and it’s one that can become even worse when someone invests so much time and money into growing a brand they don’t actually own yet…

I’ve had clients spend thousands of dollars on brand development, product creation, website building, podcast production…all to find out they have to start from scratch with a new name, crossing all the fingers and toes their audience follows them. 

It’s the absolute worst news I have to deliver, and it’s why I’m so passionate about making sure we head off that disaster anytime we can by being proactive with brand protection.

Bottom line? If you’re in love with your brand, or even feeling those first butterflies-in-the-stomach, I-think-this-might-be-it jitters, reach out for a trademark consultation. 

It’s better to lock it down now than always pine for the one that got away. 


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February 01, 2024 — Layne Lyons Pecoff