Big things are happening here at Team Layne Lyons! I had the pleasure of hiring a couple of new team members this past summer. I’m sure you can appreciate how daunting the hiring process can be, but it’s also super exciting. 

As I reviewed loads of applications and portfolios provided by so many talented women, I knew I had to start narrowing my list. After all, I simply couldn’t conduct individual interviews with dozens of applicants. 

One thing became clear, almost subconsciously at first: 

The applicants who ran their business as an LLC stood out from the pack. My attention was immediately drawn to them, and when I noticed this, I started to reflect on why. 

Here’s what I landed on. Keep in mind, this is not scientific or psychologically proven at all… it’s simply how my mind worked as a business owner looking to hire a couple of independent contractors.

1 - Anyone with an LLC already in place showed me that they take their business seriously and plan to go places with it. It’s not just a side hustle or a hobby. Rather, they view it as a real career. 🚀

2 - It showed me that they care about conducting business in a safe, legal and professional manner. 🙌

3 - By obtaining their LLC, they’ve proven that they are resourceful, attentive to detail and have the ability to follow through on a not-always-straightforward process. 🤓


Again, these are simply my impressions as an entrepreneur looking to hire other entrepreneurs to work on my team. I also considered plenty of other factors, but I thought this little glimpse into my hiring process might help some of you land a future client.

If you’ve been pondering the question of should I or shouldn’t I when it comes to establishing your business as an LLC, perhaps this is the little nudge you need. 

Are you wondering what the heck is an LLC, and why would I need it?? You’re in luck! 

I’ve written an article on how LLCs work and how to figure out if you need one. Check it out for all the details: Is It Time for an LLC? Ask Yourself 4 Simple Questions

Already convinced? 

Team Layne Lyons can help! Simply comment below, or email, and we will connect you with dedicated pros who can help you complete the process. 

Already have your LLC? Kudos to you! If you’re curious about your next legal move, I’d love to chat with you about it. Comment here or email


Hats off to all of you business-building pros out there - you’re doing amazing! 

January 23, 2024 — Layne Lyons Pecoff