Welcome to 2024!! It’s a new year, full of new plans, hopes, and ambitions. 

After a wonderfully relaxing holiday break, I’m ready to hit the ground running to chase some big dreams and goals this year. How about you?

A common goal this time of year is to spend time decluttering and cleaning our homes. As we pack away holiday decorations and find space for the new gifts we receive, many of us take stock of what we have. 

We attempt to bring order to our homes so we can enter the new year with clarity, a fresh perspective, and a sense of order. 

I’d like to suggest that your business deserves the same care and attention. 

Now is a great time to get your business’s house in order, to make sure you have all the proper protections in place. 

Is your content safe from swipers? 

Is your brand name truly your own?

Are your payment policies clear and easy to communicate?

Will your clients understand and respect your boundaries?

I’d love to help you start 2024 off with a solid legal foundation. Here are some easy steps you can take today: 

✅ Download and complete this Intellectual Property Inventory. It will walk you through all the valuable assets that belong to your business and help you identify how to protect them.

✅ Complete the 6-Point Profit & Protection System: a training that will show you the six key areas you need to protect in your business so you can grow & scale safely and confidently.

✅ Book a free consultation call with me. During your Rainy Day Readiness chat, I’ll get to know you and your business and will offer actionable advice for how you can get all the legal stuff buttoned up for the new year. 

"Before I worked with Layne, legal protection felt confusing and challenging. I often brushed it off because it felt expensive and lengthy to personalize, yet I really didn’t want to rely on general protections. Layne nailed it! … Now I feel much more protected and even more professional, like I have up-leveled my business! Taking the steps to protect myself and my clients feels like true business growth. And, it was so easy ... I am forever grateful to Layne for making me feel so secure in my biz!"

~Brandi Mackenzie 

Let’s make 2024 the year you truly reach peace of mind with the legal side of your business!


January 02, 2024 — Layne Lyons Pecoff