4 Reasons You Need Your Trademark Like, Yesterday!!

4 Reasons You Need Your Trademark Like, Yesterday!!

You might be wondering… 

What can a trademark really do for me, Layne? Do I really need to do this now? 

Let’s talk about it! 

Here are the key benefits to securing your trademark now: 

  1. You stake a claim to your brand identity, meaning no one can force you to take everything down and start over again with a total rebrand. A forced rebrand can be devastating for a small business. All the time and money you invested in growing your audience, poof! Gone in the blink of a cease & desist letter with solid grounds. 
  2. You OWN your brand identity. See a copycat? Is a new podcast being mistaken for yours? Is there a new user on Instagram with your trademarked name? Your circle R gives you the power to issue takedown notices to anyone who infringes on your brand. 
  3. Your trademark shows others that you are LEGIT and your brand is VALUABLE. You are in this for the long haul, which makes potential clients, investors, and collab partners all the more confident in working with you. If you want to partner, leverage, or license your business assets, registering your Intellectual Property is the first necessary step you have to take. #HelloPassiveIncome 🤩
  4. You can safely grow your brand with confidence, knowing that the reputation you are building will never be separated from the mark your audience knows you by. 

All of this boils down to one key benefit: FEARLESS CONFIDENCE 

Confidence to share

Confidence to create

Confidence to grow

Confidence to scale

Confidence to dream 

Can you really afford to wait much longer, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best each time you press “publish” on new content? 

If you are ready to explore how trademarks can offer you next-level protection and some serious confidence boosting, let’s chat. Your shiny circle R is waiting. 🤩

Yes, Let's Talk Trademarks

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🚨  If you wait to apply, I can promise you WILL NOT receive your trademark until 2025. Processing takes 8-12 months, meaning we have to file this quarter if you want your trademark within the next year. 


March 04, 2024 — Layne Lyons Pecoff